Wave Maker - Realtime Wave Simulation for Unity

The logo of wavemaker

Open Official Website

Unity - Planet Shader Demo

A preview of the planet demo

Open the interactive WebGL demo (6MB!)

Unity - Procedural Road Demo

Open the interactive WebGL demo (6MB!)

Unreal Engine - Portals Demo

Master Thesis: Visual Realistic Rendering in GPU

PSF Generator, lens systems design and Camera effect simulation on focused images.
GLSL using the brand new Bindless Textures capacities on OpenGL 4, C++ and Qt on a nVidia 780GTX.

Javascript Interactive Canvas

Javascript interactive 3D animation for our studio official website "Virtual Method Studio"

Visit the website to use it. But disabled if using a phone screen!

Maya Scripts and Plugins

Python, PySide, MEL and C++ API

Check out my Qt course on Maya in PlanetaCG!

Download my tools in our studio website!

CPU Raytracer, texture mapping, antialias sampling, multiple reflections

Procedural generation, Bezier, Camera Animation, Perlin Noise

Older 3d and vfx projects