Unity Development / R&D

WaveMaker is my biggest personal project to date (since 2019). It is sold in the Unity Asset Store and is a CPU Wave Simulator that applies procedural generation, heavy use of maths, a little physics and it is all written in the JOBS system and the Mathematics package. It applies many memory optimization techniques. Incorporates buoyancy and drifting effects using a complex internal data management system.

Open Official Website for detailed information.

Soil Simulation Framework for Maqsim professional simulators at Simumak

In one of the R&D projects I was responsible for creating a whole simulation framework for these types of vehicles. It is an extremely complex system that managed to interpolate between Unity Native Terrains and Obi Fluids in the form of Granular particles making it as smooth as possible, tackling with PhysX limitations and many visual tricks. These images are hidden but I was allowed to show them as part of my portfolio and to show the capabilities of the simulator at the time.

A hint of the complexity if the system in terms of 3D mathematics and linear algebra

Geographical Street Data loader


Using Unity Google Maps API to gather and dinamically interpret and draw road information in the scene view. I can't give more information or show anything else about it.

Master Thesis: Visual Realistic Rendering in GPU

PSF Generator, lens systems design and Camera effect simulation on focused images.
GLSL using the brand new Bindless Textures capacities on OpenGL 4, C++ and Qt on a nVidia 780GTX.

Shader Development (Nodes/Code)

I have worked on shaders in Unity using Shader Graph as well as writing shader code using CG / HLSL

A water refraction / reflection / depth absortion shader in HDRP created for an example scene for my WaveMaker asset

Having fun with planets (texture flow, bloom, interpolation of textures...)

Open the interactive WebGL demo (6MB!)

Maya Tool Development / Qt Tool Development / UI and UX Design

Experience since 2012. Python, PySide, PyQt, MEL. I've been Maya Tool Development teacher for several years.

Qt Tool : Disorted and removed info due to project privacy. In charge of the UI framework in C++ plus design and creation of the UI in Photoshop

Turnaround Creator tool for Maya. Base for a Qt online course I teach. Get it HERE!

Light List panel tool for Maya. Lists and lets modify Arnold and Standard Lights. Get it HERE!

Graphics Programming and Procedural Mesh Generation

Open the interactive WebGL demo (6MB!)

CPU Raytracer Project (c++, OpenGL). Plus texture mapping, antialias sampling and multiple reflections, during studies.

Procedural mesh generator in c++ and OpenGL. Perlin noise, Frenet Frame, Bezier curves. Done during studies at my Master's degree

Unity Games

Unity Introduction Course on PlanetaCG (Advertisement Video)

A little 2D game I created for fun

Open the interactive WebGL game (10MB!)

Unreal Engine (Blueprints, Shaders)

Older 3d and vfx projects (as a VFX artist)