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I'm a software engineer specialized in computer graphics. I do software development for the animation, VFX and videogame industries. My currently preferred jobs are Technical Artist, Unity Developer and Technical Director.

If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me via LinkedIn and I'll send you a more detailed CV.


  • B.S on Computer Engineering. Honors in Software Engineering. Graphics Programming and Robotics as optional subjects.
  • M.S on Computer Graphics, Games & Virtual Reality at University Rey Juan Carlos. (GLSL, GPU, Rigid Solid and Fluid Simulation, Physics and Maths for graphics and game engines)
  • Masters Degree on Character Animation at CICE Madrid 2014
  • VFX Lighting, Look Dev and HDRI Intensive Workshop with Xuan Prada from Double Negative 2014
  • Workshop for Emerging Filmmakers with Christian Rivers (Weta Digital) in Wellington, New Zealand. 2016
  • Animation Production Masterclass from MrCohl in Madrid. 2015
  • Intensive Summer Course on TV Production and Filmmaking in CEV 2010

Professional Experience

  • Freelance developer working on a variety of projects, specifically creating Unity assets. One of them is my Unity asset WaveMaker, a real time wave simulator (2020 ~)
  • Research and development engineer at Simumak, creating real time simulations, VR, physics, maths for Unity (2018 ~)
  • Co-Founder of Virtual Method Studio (2017)
  • Maya Tool development teacher at U-Tad, Ilion Animation Studios University.(2015, 2017, 2018)
  • Pipeline and Tools Developer at Zinkia for Pocoyo's 4th season. (2016)
  • Animation TD at Weta Digital for Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book, Spielberg's BFG, Deadpool, Alvin 4 among others. (2015~2016)
  • Pipeline and Tools Developer at Lightbox Entertainment for Capture the Flag. (2015)
  • Master Thesis on Vision-Realistic Rendering, Point Spread Functions, C++, GLSL postprocessing in GPU, Lenses and Cameras simulation. (2013)
  • R&D Developer at NextLimit, Qt, C++ and UI designer. (2012~2014)

Film and VFX experience:

  • 2002/2007: Edition and camera operator on several musicals and shortfilms at Tolkien Society
  • 2010: Shortfilm "Cambio de Look" (Comedy)
  • 2011: Direction, camera operator, edition, CG Artist for "Suplente" (Zombie parody)
  • 2013: Runner, VFX Sup on set & CG Artist for "Almas Blancas" (Fantasy drama)
  • 2015: VFX Sup. on set & CG Artist for Next Project's shortfilm "Abatido". (Watch in the film section)
  • 2015: Camera operator and editor of actor Paul Freeman's interview in Ubeda, Spain (Watch in the film section)
  • 2015: Photographer and camera operator for several small projects, and concerts.
  • 2015: VFX assistance for La Parada (The Stop) (Terror, under development)
  • 2016: Cinematographer and camera operator for Flatmates: Episode 3 (Comedy) in New Zealand (Watch in the film section)
  • 2016: Developer and Camera Artist (camera) for online project Terry Prattchet's Trollbridge
  • 2016: Director Assistant and runner for Mine from Pictures Plus Productions (dir. Jesus Perez Díez) in New Zealand (Watch in the film section)
  • 2016: Second assistant camera, clapper, runner at Stolen Senses from director David Gould at New Zealand. Watch the teaser trailer!
  • 2018: Video documentary for Joji Hirota & The Taiko Drummers + Taikomon concert in Valladolid, Spain. (Watch in the film section)
  • 2020: Director, screenwriter for La Indiferencia shortfilm (Ecology) (Watch in the film section)