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  • Call me directly to (+34) 665-92-12-75
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    I'm a software engineer specialized in computer graphics and software development for the animation, VFX and videogame industries.


    • B.S on Computer Engineering. Honors in Software Engineering. Graphics Programming and Robotics as optional subjects.
    • M.S on Computer Graphics, Games & Virtual Reality at University Rey Juan Carlos. (GLSL, GPU, Rigid Solid and Fluid Simulation, Physics and Maths for graphics and game engines)
    • Masters Degree on Character Animation at CICE Madrid 2014
    • VFX Lighting, Look Dev and HDRI Intensive Workshop with Xuan Prada from Double Negative 2014
    • Workshop for Emerging Filmmakers with Christian Rivers (Weta Digital) in Wellington, New Zealand. 2016
    • Animation Production Masterclass from MrCohl in Madrid. 2015
    • Intensive Summer Course on TV Production and Filmmaking in CEV 2010

    Some Experience

    • Freelance developer working on a variety of projects. One of them is my Unity asset WaveMaker, a real time wave simulator (2020 ~)
    • Research and development engineer at Simumak, creating real time simulations, VR, physics, maths for Unity (2018 ~)
    • Co-Founder of Virtual Method Studio (2017)
    • Maya Tool development teacher at U-Tad, Ilion Animation Studios University.(2015, 2017, 2018)
    • Pipeline and Tools Developer at Zinkia for Pocoyo's 4th season. (2016)
    • Animation TD at Weta Digital for Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book, Spielberg's BFG, Deadpool, Alvin 4 among others. (2015~2016)
    • Pipeline and Tools Developer at Lightbox Entertainment for Capture the Flag. (2015)
    • Master Thesis on Vision-Realistic Rendering, Point Spread Functions, C++, GLSL postprocessing in GPU, Lenses and Cameras simulation. (2013)
    • R&D Developer at NextLimit, Qt, C++ and UI designer. (2012~2014)

    Film and VFX experience:

    • 2002/2007: Edition and camera operator on several musicals and shortfilms at Tolkien Society
    • 2010: Shortfilm "Cambio de Look" (Comedy)
    • 2011: Direction, camera operator, edition, CG Artist for "Suplente" (Zombie parody)
    • 2013: Runner, VFX Sup on set & CG Artist for "Almas Blancas" (Fantasy drama)
    • 2015: VFX Sup. on set & CG Artist for Next Project's shortfilm "Abatido". (Watch in the film section)
    • 2015: Camera operator and editor of actor Paul Freeman's interview in Ubeda, Spain (Watch in the film section)
    • 2015: Photographer and camera operator for several small projects, and concerts.
    • 2015: VFX assistance for La Parada (The Stop) (Terror, under development)
    • 2016: Cinematographer and camera operator for Flatmates: Episode 3 (Comedy) in New Zealand (Watch in the film section)
    • 2016: Developer and Camera Artist (camera) for online project Terry Prattchet's Trollbridge
    • 2016: Director Assistant and runner for Mine from Pictures Plus Productions (dir. Jesus Perez Díez) in New Zealand (Watch in the film section)
    • 2016: Second assistant camera, clapper, runner at Stolen Senses from director David Gould at New Zealand. Watch the teaser trailer!
    • 2018: Video documentary for Joji Hirota & The Taiko Drummers + Taikomon concert in Valladolid, Spain. (Watch in the film section)